Congressman Matt Salmon

Representing the 5th District of Arizona


Our nation is drowning in debt, over 18 trillion dollars of it.  But year after year, our nation’s leaders continue to approve wasteful spending without a blink, and continue to spend your tax dollars in the most imprudent ways.

Enough is enough. We must have the courage to start cutting spending somewhere.

Last year, I began a program to identify and cut wasteful spending government-wide, because we know every federal department, office, and agency has wasteful spending within their budgets.  I called this program my “Shrink Our Spending” Initiative and I aimed at finding 1.5 billion dollars in wasteful spending—and it was easy.

This year, I’m doubling the goal of my SOS Initiative and I’ll find 3 billion of your hard-earned tax dollars that the government has decided to fritter away on ineffective, duplicative, or downright wasteful programs.

More information on these bills will be available below.

SOS Bill Program Cost
1 H.R. 2021 To prohibit the expenditure of Federal funds to Amtrak. $ 1,390,000,000
    Proposed Savings $ 1,390,000,000
May 1, 2015 SOS

Washington, D.C. — Rep. Matt Salmon (AZ-05) today announced his first bill in his annual Shrink our Spending initiative, which would end federal subsidies to Amtrak, with the following statement: